Electronic Transport Software is a software and mobile app designed for transport companies; to enable them to electronically manage their transport activities and for their customers to have the ease of real time access to the transportation company so as to book and manage tickets for a journey as well as to hire vehicles to the destination of their choice in their comfort via technological devices (PCs/Macs, tablets, and phones).

My Reminda

This is a professional time reminder software designed to alert subscribers of important policies, documents and certificates that has expiration and requires renewal as well as machinery and vehicles that require frequent maintenance and servicing. The software alerts the subscriber of the due date for renewals, maintenance or servicing so that they are not missed and cause disruption to the smooth running of the business operations.

Office Pro

Office Pro is a Professional Office Management Software for the maintenance, evaluation and implementation of the work process within an office environment. Office Pro forms part of the administration of the business through planning, organizing, control and co-ordination of an office space with a view of making the office a more efficient and effective office environment. It encompasses all known office related software and much more.

Pay Record Pro (Payroll System)

Pay Record Pro is a record keeping and payroll management software for employers to easily and conveniently keep employee records and pay employee salaries and wages through the quick and convenient calculation of wages and work hours, making all additions and deductions; pay slip generation and disbursements. It allows for accuracy, consistency, efficiency and data storage in the salary payment process.

Emblic Host

The first step towards hosting a website is to acquire a domain name and have it registered. At Emblic Technologies, we provide you with the excellent service of selecting a domain name of your choice at relatively cheap prices as well as hosting your website online and allowing others to view your site. We also design a wide range of websites using the latest innovative programming languages and designs available.

Hotel Mgt. System (EBusinessFlow)

This is a software designed to simplify and automate hotel operations. This software covers all aspects of the hotel operations viz. Guest management, room management, accounts, housekeeping, back office management (laundry, inventory and employee management), Restaurant and bar, banquets and transportation as well as communication and collaboration. It cuts out the risk of overbooking of rooms and improves the general guest experience of the property.

Church Mgt. System (EChurchPlus)

This is an application specifically designed for use by churches. With rigorous research involved, it is tailor made to handle most church activities. The features includes new member registration, accounts, communications and collaborations, ministers postings, cell/house fellowship, evangelism and crusades, etc. The applications is also designed to reduce the cost of operation, increase communication, foster co-operation among different groups and also to track the growth of the congregation.

Electronic Study System (EStudyLite)

This is an automated application designed to administer, manage, track and deliver educational courses and training programs online. The application allows for both synchronous and asynchronous learning with different contents such as videos, courses and documents. Through this medium, tutors can create/integrate course materials, align content and assessments and create customized tests for students. Tutors can also monitor the progress of their students while instructing them.

Stock & Sales System

Point of Sale (POS) software in an application for all sellers of end-user products to help with the smooth running of the operations of the business. Its operations ranges from administrative to management and marketing of the business as well as keeping accurate records of all transactions; while putting together monthly and prompt sales reports when necessary and alerting the user of products requiring replacement to ensure that the store runs efficiently and effectively.

School System (EBusinessFlow)

This is an application designed to streamline the administration of schools and educational institutions. It consists of a range of modules aimed at maintenance of students’ academic records and history, other essential students’ information; schools programs and academic discusses; interfacing with parents and guardians to give them first class information of the activities of the students.

Hospital System (EBusinessFlow)

This is an application for the managing of hospitals and other medical setups. It involves medical, financial, administrative and compliance operations of the healthcare system. The application tracks the journey of every patient within the system including emergencies, booked appointments, medical history and records, doctors’ diagnosis and prescriptions, rehabilitations, etc allowing for an easier paperless bookkeeping and faster reach of medical history and records vital in cases of emergency.

E Market Place

This is an Online Shop where sellers can advertise their products and services and buyers can shop for the products and services of their choice. The software allows buyers to own online stores and advertise/sell their products without recourse to the impediments of a physical shop. The benefits include wider customer reach, new sale options such as dropshipping, lower operating costs and a 24 hours open business.

Exams Mgt. System

This is an automated system used by schools to streamline their examinations and for teachers to set and evaluate their students in examinations and assessments using the IT platform. Among its many advantages includes the removal of question paper leakages and mistakes in grade and marks compilation as well as optimizing the students examination experience.

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